Both health providers as well as dermatologists just can’t get enough of accentuating the damaging effects of the sun. This can be mainly attributed to the harsh impact of UV rays on our skin. However it seems that some just won’t consider the risk they take and sunbeds gradually achieve a strong reputation. Tanning might preserve some serious consequences both when it comes of our organism and the condition of the skin. Excessive sun exposure might result in apparently mild disorders and sunburn and more severe illnesses as skin cancer. Despite all these demonstrated factors, people still visit tanning salons and appeal to sunbeds for the desired glowy skin look. As endless studies proved the radiation produced by this machine would decrease the resistance of the cells and tissues towards various skin enemies. Read through the following sunbed dangers that should convince you of choosing the natural and complexion-friendly sunbath instead of artificial means of tanning.

Skin Cancer: It’s not a novelty that UV rays are often named as main culprits in the formation of skin cancer. Indeed sunbeds only boost the chances to the occurrence of a similar skin disorder that can result in fatal consequences. These devices can emit a three-times stronger radiation of UVB and UVA rays that would disarm the skin of its natural defensive ability.

Therefore it is highly recommended to avoid sunbeds on a regular basis. Instead if you are obsessed by quick tanning, reduce your visits to 2 occasions per week. Moreover use strong SPF sunscreen to protect your organism. Additionally, those who have natural porcelain skin or freckles should definitely skip sunbeds .

Burns: One of the unpleasant conditions tanning might produce is the burning of the skin. In the course of natural sunbathing you might encounter similar discomfort due to the lack of protection or excessive exposure to the sun. In the case of sunbeds the effect of these might be even more dangerous due to the fact that in this situation the UVB rays will enter to the depth of the skin cells and tissues.

This way the damage will be done in the profound layers rather than the surface. However those who are devotees of sunbeds might claim that this practice will do less harm due to the minimal amount of UVB rays and the prominent presence of UVA rays that are not as damaging. Rely on the opinion of professionals and handle both of these effect with great care.

Eyes: Tanning salons offer safety googles to protect your eyes. Due to the high radiation of UV rays, our eyes might suffer from the harsh impact. Indeed protection might work in theory however studies demonstrated that these measures won’t offer the proper shield to prevent the formation of eye disorders and other irreversible changes. The main spots affected during exposing the eyes to sunbeds are corneas which can result in the formation of cataracts. Those who skip the use of these safety equipments might choose to simply close their eyes, however this is not enough to prevent the UV rays.

Premature Aging: Similarly to the eyes the skin can also suffer huge damages due to sunbeds. UV rays can boost the chances to the occurrence of wrinkles and other skin problems. Due to the effect of radiation the skin might dehydrate and even swell which is also joined by itching and irritation.

The long term consequences however are more radical and visible. Those who include a similar harmful ritual into their daily or weekly beauty care in all seasons will have to face the decrease in the elasticity of the skin which leads to sagging.

Indeed considering this side-effect might spare many people of looking older than their real age is. Therefore either skip the sunbeds or use sunscreen products that have a high sun protective effect and would keep away the damages from the skin.