Having a very subtle bronze can aid natural beauty and create a sublime physical aspect which exudes sexiness and gorgeousness. Having a powerful tan is not trendy anymore as it is not healthy for the skin. It is a well known fact that beauty equals health so maintaining a healthy aspect of your skin can only enhance your beauty.

tanned skin shallow tan

There are a variety of ways one can choose to obtain a uniform, subtle tan depending on personal preference. One of the most popular ways to obtain a natural tan is naturally by exposing yourself to the sun. Sun tanning if done correctly, with the use of sunscreen and at the proper hours can be beneficial for the skin as the sun can stimulate vitamin D production which is essential for our organism. Excessive sun exposure can lead to sunburns and different skin problems like skin cancer so make sure to protect yourself as best as possible.

Another popular way of obtaining a uniform tan is artificially, through the use of tanning beds. Tanning beds can offer you the tan you desire in just a few sessions and without having to spend too much of your time. Tanning beds if used excessively can cause the skin to dry and look aged.

Another way to receive a tan is by using self tanning lotions which applied on the body pigment the skin. The downside to tanning lotions is that it is quite difficult to obtain a uniform tan all over the body.

The forth option is a relatively new option which will offer you the advantages of choosing the color of your tan and obtaining tanned skin in virtually minutes. Airbrush tans are increasing their popularity as they are not harmful for the skin, they don’t require any sun exposure and the tan can be obtained in a few minutes.

The 2010 shallow bronzed skin trend doesn’t come as a surprise as fashion trends change as well as priorities. The priority this year seems to be natural beauty, femininity and this is the look that best emphasizes these features. Choose to have a natural look with subtle bronzed skin and you will not only look adorable, your skin will look youthful for longer as well.