Summer has ended and we can say goodbye to those gorgeous sunny days. Tanned skin needs maintenance in order to maintain it’s sexy chocolaty color, and since summer is over sun tanning isn’t an option anymore.

Tanned skin looks prefect and flawless, it helps create an exotic look, a look which suits every skin type. Tanned skin looks great with all colored outfits, no wonder so many women opt for tanned skin even though it isn’t their natural skin color. Getting tanned is not something you can only get by exposing the skin to the sun’s ultraviolet light, nowadays there are other solution, more practical which don’t involve exposing the skin to the sun, making it easier to stay tanned throughout every season.

To maintain your gorgeous tanned skin throughout the cold seasons, the seasons in which sun tanning isn’t an option anymore you can opt for other solutions like: artificial tanning-tanning beds, spray tanning or self tanner.

Artificial tanning– the tanning bed is a great way of getting a stronger tan or maintain it throughout the cold season. They work by exposing your body for several minutes under artificial UV light. Just because it uses UV light there are two sides to the story: some people claim that tanning beds are very dangerous and other who believe that moderate exposure doesn’t cause any harm.

Tanning beds are used all over the world and they have been gaining popularity since they appeared. Getting tanned skin has never been easier. Special lotions which work in combination with tanning beds are sold in order to boost the color received.

tanning bed

Spray tans or airbrush tans are a simpler solution to tanned skin. A solution which can be custom colored to sit your personal wishes is pulverized using a special spray gun all over your body. This can only be don by a professional because it is very important to pulverize the color uniformly. This is a temporary but instant solution to tanned skin. Spray tan usually lasts up to 10 days and they gradually fade with every shower.

Self tanners are lotions which contain ingredients that color the skin. Using self tanners can be pretty tricky because in order to obtain a uniform color, the lotion needs to be distributed uniformly over the skin, which can be pretty difficult. Self tanners whether they are lotions or sprays come with instructions to make sure you get best results. They gradually fade by showering and the fading process can be sped up by exfoliating the skin.

Choose the solution which suites your needs best in order to maintain you tanned skin until the sunny day return.