Get a healthy, sun-kissed tan without the sun

Everyone feels better with a tan – somehow it just makes you look healthier, makes your teeth appear whiter and your eyes brighter.

With sun-induced aging and the risk of skin cancer such strong detractors from getting a real tan, the only smart way is to fake it.

For an even finish, exfoliation is absolutely essential. When applying self-tan to the face, use little of your regular moisturizer around the hair and jawline first to prevent those nasty streaks and spots. Tan-infused moisturizers have really grown in popularity and no wonder – they allow you to build up your tan naturally with a (mostly) non-streaky finish.

How to Get Sun Kissed Face

Try Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($4.89) that’s designed specifically for fair skin tones.

Tan-infused moisturizers are also perfect for this time of the year, when a full-on tan tends to look fake. If you want immediate hit of color, try Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint ($32) which give the skin a wash of color before tan develops – great for showing exactly where you’ve applied too.

Emphasize you tan with bronzing make-up to avoid a ‘flat’ looking skin – add Maybelline Glow Bronzing Booster ($6.99) to your foundation and finish with a dusting of matte powder bronzer, like Benefit Cosmetics 10 $28.00) to the cheeks, forehead and nose and you’re good to go!