Tan lines can occur on any part of the body which is not exposed to the sun and you skin does not tan evenly. You can get tan lines from wearing flip flops or a tank if you don’t apply enough or the proper sunscreen when exposing yourself to the sun, even during a walk.

This difference between the skin can be very unattractive especially when wearing clothes that reveal more skin. The skin will not look as even and the tan lines will attract unwanted attention especially if there is a big difference between the tanned skin and the natural skin color.

tan lines

To even out your skin color and get rid of tan lines don’t expose yourself to the sun again because the lines will tan but so will the rest of your skin so it won’t do any good. The best way to even out the lines is by using self tanners or by exposing only the areas that need extra tanning.

Before you apply the sunless tanner exfoliate and moisturize the untanned area. Don’t put too much on so that you can gradually build up the color to match it with the rest of your tan. The only problem with self tanner is that getting the exact color as the rest of your body will be difficult, but it’s a piece of cake if you’re using a good bronzer; take a big fluffy brush and layer some bronzer to the tan line and blend well.

How to Get Rid of Tan Lines

You can also get rid of tan lines by going to a tanning salon. Without furthermore sun exposure the tan will gradually fade. You can accelerate the fading by exfoliating the tanned skin as often as possible.