Get a glowing, natural sunless tan using self tanners! You probably already know how damaging the sun’s UV rays are to our skin and health in many, many ways – that you can get a sunburn, sun spots, even skin cancer.

But if you still crave a tan, you can easily get a natural looking sunless tan without the harmful sun exposure using self tanners.

The new self tanner formulas deliver a smooth, fool-proof application and for natural, even result. You have a wide variety of self tanners to choose from, for all budgets and skin types. Self tanners come in certain shades for different skin types, from very fair skin to darker skin tones; they also come under different forms: creams and lotions, sprays, liquid or mousses – lotions or creams work best for dry skin, whereas gels and sprays for oily skin types.

How to apply self tanners to look natural

To get a natural tan using self tanners, it is very important to test the product beforehand, if you don’t want to look like and orange, blotchy mess later. Apply some tanner on a less visible parts of your body – this way you’ll see how your skin will to this product.

Professionals advise you to wait at least 24 hours for the final result. To get an even, streak-free coverage you have to prepare your skin before applying the self tanner.

Exfoliation is essential – in fact it is clearly specified on the label of the product that you must apply it to a completely smooth and clean skin.

Eliminate dead cells with store-bought or homemade body scrubs, in order to be able to apply it more easily to your skin. Pay great attention to the areas that tend to be dryer – as elbows, feet and knees, and exfoliate them well.

When using a self tanning lotion or cream you don’t have to apply moisturizer to the entire body, just to the rough areas as mentioned above. If your skin tends to be very dry apply a light body lotion and wait about 10 minutes before using the self tanner.

Get a Sunless Tan Using Self Tanners

Always use self tanner to nice and dry skin in order to rule out the chance of getting streaks and spots. It is highly recommended to start right at your feet and work your way upwards. With circular motions massage the self tanner into your skin – proceed similarly with gels or sprays. Do this until your skin absorbs the self tanner, be careful don’t leave small patches.

When you get to the face and neck keep in mind – these are the most exposed parts of your body and you’ll have to be extra careful when using self tanner products. Use only small amounts – here the skin is thinner and will absorb the tanner much faster. Pay special attention to the hairline and around the eyebrows – the less you apply on it the more natural the effect will be. To protect your hands from staining, apply a ‘barrier’ to nails, elbows, and knees, which can get darker than other areas – use petroleum jelly or other greasy creams.

You can also use a cotton ball or put on gloves when applying. If not using gloves wash your hands immediately after applying self tanner – there’s a thick layer of lotion on your hands that would come off very hard later. Wash your hands every 5 minutes to make sure it doesn’t stain your fingers.

Areas that are almost invisible for others can be very embarrassing when left out. Don’t forget your back of the neck, underarms and feet, you don’t want to blind people when you raise your arm or take off your shoes.

When finished, wait at least 20 minutes until you dress up. Keep your skin away from humidity or lotions, deodorants or fragrance for 8 at hours. Keep in mind that using self tanners won’t protect you from the sun’s UV rays when outdoors – always choose the best sunscreen for your skin type, because even though you look tanned that doesn’t mean you’re protected and you can’t get a sunburn.