Now that the weather starts to warm up and clothing is getting more revealing, milky white limbs aren’t the prettiest of sights. We all yearn for at least a touch of sun-kissed glow and what easier way to get a little color than to reach for some spray tan. 

Whether you’re an experienced spray tanner or just the occasional user, you know that it’s not hard not to end up with a horrible tanning disaster that will keep you locked up in the house for a few days. 

Let’s see some of the biggest fake tan fails and spray tan disasters that will make accepting your pasty white skin a LOT easier! 

When you have an argument with your boyfriend right after getting a spray tan…

Spray Tan Crying Fail

Don’t breastfeed right after getting your fake tan on!

Fake Tan Boob Baby Fail

Applying fake tan with a paint roller, what could possibly go wrong?

Fake Tan With Paint Roller


Paint Roller Fake Tan Fail

No Kim, you HAVE to be nice even to the spray tan lady.

Kim Kardashian Fake Tan Fail

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a tan mom.

Too Much Fake Tan

He’s even got the Oompa Loompa hair down…

Oompa Loompa Tan

When you find out he loves Nutella.

Fake Tan Fail

When you get a spray tan in the evening and change races by morning.

Katie Price Fake Tan Fail

Nicole Kidman’s face says it all, no caption needed.

Christina Aguilera Fake Tan Fail