Bronzers are a great way to bring a bit of that natural-looking golden glow to your cheeks – to create a gorgeous contour -, neck and even your entire body without exposing yourself to the damaging sun radiation or frustrating self-tanning sessions.

You need to choose your bronzer shade wisely, since it needs to match your skin tone in order to get that great, healthy tanned look. Also, depending on your skin type, you can consider the multitude of textures, choosing from powdery and creamy to mousse and bronzer tanning lotions to get a beautiful, natural glowing skin.

Best Bronzer for Fair Skin

For fair skin, the best bronzer shades are those with a hint of peach or shimmering honey to them. Consider the light Mineral Wear talc-free correcting bronzer from Physicians Formula which will bring a bit of glowing warmth to your pale complexion. Get a fresh, natural glowing look with Vapour Organic Beauty: the brand’s Solar Translucent Bronzer in pale gold Mirage is one of the best bronzers for fair skin. If you want to stay true to your pale complexion, while adding a sun-kissed touch to your cheeks, then CARGO Bronzing Powder in the light shade is just right for you.

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Correcting BronzerCargo Bronzing Powder Bronzer Light

Best Bronzer for Olive Skin

Olive skin needs a bit more color, so deep rose to coppery and dark tanned are the best bronzers for olive skin. Try the face and body bronzer from Vincent Longo La Riviera Sun in their Copper Kiss shade, for a long lasting glow, or Lancome’s Star Bronzer for a touch of shimmer. Another product considered by many the best bronzer for olive skin is Mini Tantalizer Baked Bronzer by LORAC: it has a deep rose hue will beautifully contour your features.

Vincent Longo La Riviera Sun Face   Body Bronzer Copper KissLancome Star Bronzer Mineral Mat Long Lasting Bronzing Powder

Best Matte Bronzer

Nyx Cosmetics’ Matte Body Bronzer comes in three different shades, from light to deep tan, which will create that bronzed look without that shimmer, making your skin appear as if naturally suntanned. Likewise, LORAC offers an incredibly easy-to-apply matte bronzer – TANtalizer Highlighter Matte Bronzer Duo: this oil- and fragrance-free matte bronzer manages to flatter all skin tones, making them look amazing!

Nyx Cosmetics Matte Body BronzerLorac Ta Ntalizer Highlighter   Matte Bronzing Duo

Best Face Bronzer

Lancome Flash is the best bronzer tanning lotion that is guaranteed to make the skin on your face look and feel irresistible! In just 30 minutes you’ll get that healthy tanned appearance that will make your friends envious of you. Make sure you’ve carefully exfoliated the skin on your face for an evenly tanned look. If you want something less challenging, go for Lancome Star Bronzer, a face bronzer with an automatic powder brush.

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