Enjoying a tan without exposing your skin to UV radiation is easy at a salon, but when you’re worried about getting a perfect tan at home, you need to follow the right steps for a flawless finish.

Try the best beauty tips for a fake tan, in order to get the right look at home. With a little preparation and the right tools, you can get a perfect looking fake tan without spending the money for a visit at the salon.

Manage Your Time

You’ll never be able to pull a good fake tan when you’re in a rush, so don’t even think about getting it right before an important event. From moisturizing your skin before applying the fake tan to letting it dry properly, don’t expect the process to last less than an hour if you’re going for a full body tan. 

And do it at least one day before the time when you need to look your best.

Prepare Correctly

Exfoliating and moisturizing are very important steps, that you shouldn’t take lightly according to the best beauty tips for a fake tan. Exfoliate 24 hours before the day when you apply your fake tan and avoid doing it with any oils or greasy exfoliants. They can mess up your tan even after an entire day since application. Moisturize with a fragrance-free product and pay more attention to dry areas for an even tan.

Wax in Advance

When you’re worried about hair removal, it’s always best to get it over with before you apply your tan. Waxing should be done at least 24 hours before the fake tan. If you don’t let your skin rest, you might end up with an uneven tan, with dark spots. You can also shave a day before, but you can also do right after getting your tan for great results.

Go for Good Lighting

Most women chose the bathroom as the safest place to apply a self-tanning lotion or spray, but the lack of proper lighting can work against you. One of the best beauty tips for a fake tan is to reduce the risk of an uneven finish by doing it in a better lit room, preferably with natural light, using a large mirror.

How To Get A Perfect Fake Tan

Get the Right Equipment

The first thing you need when applying a tan is latex gloves, but you can also get other useful tools for perfecting your tan. Vinyl gloves work just as well, but for a flawless finish, you’ll also need special buffing gloves. You can also use old cotton gloves on top of the latex ones for the same effect. Don’t forget to get a back brush, very useful for applying a full body tan on your own.

Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is an excellent way to protect your hairline and eyebrows. Using a little Vaseline on these areas is one of the best beauty tips for a fake tan. With the help of petroleum jelly, you’ll be able to control the accuracy in these areas better for a perfect tan.

Start With Your Feet

Working upwards is the right way to go when you’re applying your own fake tan. By starting with your feet and going up, you’ll be able to avoid any mistakes. Areas that you should be extra careful with include your armpits, the back of your ankles, your ears and the spaces between your toes. If you do your arms first, you’re more likely to get an uneven tan.

Pay Attention to the Wrists

One of the biggest giveaways of a fake tan is the wrist area. If you want to get it right, remove your gloves, apply moisturizer on your hands, put fake tan on the back of one your hands and rub them together to spread the color evenly. One of the best beauty tips for a fake tan is to finish tanning your hands by dabbing a little lotion on your inner wrists and rubbing them together.

Fake Tan Without Streaks

Don’t Rush the Drying Process

If you’re in a big rush, leave the fake tan for another time. You can try to accelerate the process using a hairdryer on the cool air setting, but you risk getting and uneven finish. It’s best to allow the tan to dry naturally and avoid sweating in the next few hours.

Wear the Right Clothing

After your tan is dry, one of the best beauty tips for a fake tan is to make sure you’re not wearing any tight clothing. Keep it loose and dark, so you won’t stain any of your favorite items. Don’t wear any leggings or tights after you’ve perfected your fake tan.