Airbrush or spray tanning uses Dihydroxyacetone or DHA to tan the skin. DHA has been tested by dermatologists for a long time now at it has been approved because it has been proven safe. The color is sprayed with a special spraying device which delivers the color uniformly to allow the body to be colored the same color. The DHA will react with the skin to produce the pigmentation. This pigmentation will produce on it’s own, without the influence of any UV rays.

Due to the fact that a pigment will be applied on the skin, you can choose the color of the tan you wish to obtain. The technician will try to get the exact tan you are wishing for by changing the formula of the sunless tanner.

Before the tan will be airbrushed on you will need to undergo a quick consultation in order to find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the sunless tanner. The technician will also ask you about the desired color you wish to obtain after the airbrushing and will try to match your requests.

You will be informed on how to assume your position in order for the technician to spray every single body part evenly. You can wear a bathing suit or wear nothing during airbrush tanning. After the tan is sprayed on you will be placed under some fans to dry out the sunless tanner.

The airbrushed tan will last up to 10 days, depending on how well you will care for it. After the tan is airbrushed on avoid taking a shower in the next 8 hours. After the required setting time has passed you can shower but without rubbing your skin and without using any shampoos or soap. The excess cosmetic bronzer will rinse off and the water will remain clear. That is a signal that you can step out of the shower. Pat your skin dry without rubbing it so you don’t remove some of the tan. Moisturize your skin very well because that will ensure that the tan lasts longer and fade uniformly.

It is very important not to use any exfoliants, astringents, toners in the first week after airbrush tanning is performed to avoid removing parts of the tan. This is a must for the face as well as the rest of the body if you wish to have a uniform tan.

Avoid saunas and washing in hot water with harsh cleansers. Use only mild cleansers and don’t use any loofah sponges or anything abrasive to clean yourself, just use your bare hands. If you can abstain yourself from all these for a week you will have the most quickest and gorgeous tan.