Coco Chanel is perhaps the most important fashion visionary of the 20th century, but her legacy remains the most obvious in the fragrances launched by the French fashion house. Discover the most popular and influential Chanel perfumes for women.

Best Chanel Perfumes – 5 – Chanel Chance

The only Chanel perfume in a round bottle to date, Chance, was created by Jacques Polge in 2003 and it’s the first step in our list of top 5 Chanel perfumes. Combining fresh and flowery notes, Chance unfolds with spicy flavors that enthrall even the most picky wearer.

Chanel Chance includes top notes of pink pepper, lemon and pineapple, followed by a heart of hyacinth, jasmine and iris and base notes of amber, patchouli, vetiver and white musk.

Chanel Chance PerfumeChanel Chance

Best Chanel Perfumes – 4 – Chanel Allure

With a combination of citrusy fresh notes and fantastic florals. Created by Jacques Polge in 1996, Allure is a hypnotizing mixture of fresh and fruity with an oriental touch.

Fresh lemon and bergamot combine with fruity mandarin and peach, but Allure is one of the top 5 Chanel perfumes also thanks to its floral charm, from the rose of May, jasmine, water lily, peony, magnolia, orange blossom. Vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver complete its charming bouquet.

Chanel AllureChanel Allure Fragrance

Best Chanel Perfumes – 3 – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Created in 2001 by Jacques Polge, Coco Mademoiselle has the lovely contrasts of the best Chanel perfumes mixing jasmine, rose and iris scents.

With top notes Sicilian oranges, grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot, Coco Mademoiselle has a heart of pure rose and jasmine extract, underlined by litchi, and its base includes patchouli, vetiver, musk and vanilla.

Chanel Coco MademoiselleChanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume

Best Chanel Perfumes – 2 – Chanel No. 19

Named after August 19th, Coco Chanel’s birth date, Chanel No. 19 is universally considered a top fragrance in the top 5 Chanel perfumes. This floral-woody-green fragrance oozes sophistication through its green top notes and bergamot, followed by a heart of iris and rose. The bast of Chanel No. 19, one of the best Chanel perfumes launched before Coco passed away, shines all the way through its base of vetiver, oakmoss and leather.

Chanel No. 19Chanel No. 19 Scent

Best Chanel Perfumes – 1 – Chanel No. 5

Created by Ernest Beaux in 1921, Chanel No. 5 gets the top spot in any list of best Chanel perfumes thanks to its revolutionary take on elegance.

The first perfume in the floral-aldehyde group, Chanel No. 5 has top notes of aldehydes, ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemon, and neroli, followed by a heart of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley and iris with a base of vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Chanel No. 5Chanel No. 5 Edt

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