The complex project envisioned by Tommy Hilfiger is not a simple attempt to launch a brand new and revolutionary scent on the market. Instead these fragrances both in their designs as well as aroma composition radiate a new world order addressing the gen-y generation as the main target of the collections of one of the most sought-after brands of our times Tommy Hilfiger. He claims that:

“We wanted to make sure that we stayed connected to that consumer, but we also wanted it to be authentic. We are talking to a generation that craves the newest — but they don’t want gimmicky and fake. We didn’t want something that professed to be a rock ‘n’ roll fragrance — we wanted to have a real rock ‘n’ roll fragrance, and to do that we had to develop it in a way that has never been done in fragrance before.”…

The masterminds and artists behind the creation of these fragrances are Yann Vasnier of Givaudan as well as Aurélien Guichard. They are the professionals who worked day and night to envision these two scents and realize the fantasy elaborated by Tommy Hilfiger. Loud For Her and Loud for Him are indeed designed in the same theme of the Get Loud denim campaign. In order to boost the prominence of the whole campaign Tommy Hilfiger asked for the help of the Brit band, The Ting Tings to offer a theme song which turns out to be this time the song entitled We’re Not The Same.

The composition of the perfumes is also fabulous as the Loud For Her includes aromas as: litchi, rose as well as patchouli. On the other hand the Loud for Him masculine version of the scent incorporates elements as rose, patchouli as well as a barely there tobacco aroma.Check out the fab packaging which is also revealing and designed by Chad Lavigne echoing the image of a vinyl record with a hypnotizing pattern. Take a closer look at the silver stoppers that look like stereo knobs as well as the girly pink and transparent black hues of the bottles.

Get the perfumes from the local beauty store or purchase it online in 3 sizes: 25ml($50), 40ml($75), 75ml($105).