Wearing too much perfume can have the exact opposite effect you should be looking for, as in this case more can definitely be too much. Try to spritz just enough perfume to have a soft and subtle smell, as excessive perfume can be quite annoying. Adapt your fragrance to the occasion and learn the difference between them to ensure you make the right choice. Take the following tips into account and you’ll surely make heads turn, in a positive way:

Keep your fragrance away from light Keeping your fragrances away from light helps them maintain their chemical properties unchanged, as light can alter these properties and lead to the product’s alteration. Maintain your fragrance in their original package or keep them somewhere away from light, so you’ll be able to enjoy them for longer. Another alternative is to keep your fragrance in the fridge, as this way it will definitely maintain its properties well preserved and will definitely cool you off during those hot summer days.

Soft or bold scents? There are different types of fragrances just so you can find the perfect one for you and adapt it to the occasion. Splash cologne or Eau fraiche is very light scented, lasts for about 1 or 2 hours, similar to body mists; eau de toilette (EDT) keeps about 20% of it’s scent all day; eau de parfum (EDP) usually maintains 30-40% of its strength throughout the day. Perfume exctracts maintain about 50% of their scent throughout the day and offer the highest concentration of extracts, thus are the most expensive.

Make it last If you wish your fragrance lasts longer you need to turn your attention towards the additional products on the range, such as shower gels and body lotions. Wash your body with the shower gel, use the body lotion to moisturize and fragrance your skin, after which apply the perfume on the “hot points” of your body.

Where to apply the fragrance Apply the fragrance directly on your skin if you wish it lasts longer. Apply the fragrance on the “hot points”, which are the pulse points of your body. Once these points warm-up the skin, the fragrance will be released to envelop your body like silk.

How to choose a fragrance Choosing a fragrance from the myriad of scents available is definitely not easy, as not all ingredients interact well with your skin and release a scent which appeals to you. Try out only 2 or 3 fragrances on your skin at a time, or else the scents will only mix and you won’t be able to determine which is the one that suits you. Allow the fragrances to develop their scent for about 5 hours before deciding, as this way you’ll be able to detect the top, middle as well as base notes of the fragrance.

Light during the day For daytime wear, light and fresh fragrances are the best to use. Floral, fruity, citrus or green scents are suitable for the day, so try to find the ones which match your personality. For the evening you can use more exotic, bold scents with a stronger propulsion.

Alternate fragrances If you are constantly using the same fragrance, your nose might actually get used to the scent and you might end-up applying it excessively. Try to alternate fragrances so you don’t get used to them or ask a friend’s opinion on how strong your fragrance is.

Tips to Wear Your Fragrance Best

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