According to the research conducted by Cosmopolitan, guys do have preferences when it comes to scents and aromas. Get ready to discover how to use your perfume as a guaranteed man magnet.

Scientific data can prove the power of different fragrances that can guarantee your success at a hot date. Drive guys crazy by rocking a nose-pampering perfume that suits your personality. Apply the formula on your skin with great care, following these useful beauty hints.

If you were looking for the ultimate scent combo that can turn heads, here it is! Lavender and pumpkin pie are aromas that generate a sense of relaxation guys simply adore. Spritz on a tiny amount of a perfume that combines these two miraculous elements. Standing ovation is guaranteed.

Pay special attention to the areas you spritz your fave perfume on. Don’t forget to tackle your body’s hot spots as the neck, the collarbone as well as the earlobes and the section right under the chin.

Use a roller-ball applicator to ease your job, or you can stick to the regular pump bottle for a more subtle and moderate effect. In spite of the fact that men have a less developed sense of smell, they can still be mesmerized by delicious scents.

Your hairdo can serve as a real statement accessory for your look. However, don’t forget to use it as a real magnet for guys. Men go simply crazy for vanilla thanks to its delicious aroma.

Look for hair perfumes or body perfumes that won’t do any damage to your tresses and spritz a tiny amount of the fragrance on your hair. Guys love to smell your hair and feel the aroma of shampooed locks or that of a fabulous perfume.

When preparing for a date don’t forget to apply perfume on the spots you wish to emphasize. The nape of the neck is one of the most interesting areas to apply your fragrance on, as due to the rising pulse, your body will start emanating the delicious aroma. This is one of the tricks to make yourself noticed in an instant.

The ‘walk through’ trick is the perfect means to immortalize the sensory experience your perfume can create. Apply perfume one the delicate spots, then dress up. Finally hold the perfume bottle in front of you and spray a tiny amount into the air and slowly walk through it. Two spritzes will do magic with your body.

Perfume Application Tricks

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