Sugababes have enchanted the eyes and ears of many of their fans and now the trio is trying to enchant other senses as well by releasing their own fragrances. The Sugababes fragrance collection underlines the personality of each of the three celebrity singers and as a result 3 individual fragrances have been developed named Sugababes: Tempt, Tease and Touch.

It seems that launching a fragrance has become a celebrity trend and Sugababes have decided to follow this trend and launch their own scents. The fragrances are delightful and suit different personalities. This is why the ingredients for all three Tempt, Tease and Touch differ so you can identify yourself in one of the fragrances. If sensuality and femininity represents you, these fragrances are perfect for you and they come at a very reasonable price.

Sugababes Tempt Fragrance

Sugababes Tease Fragrance

Sugababes Touch Fragrance

One bottle of Sugababes fragrance costs £19.99 so the price is quite reasonable for a celebrity fragrance. Because choosing right is a must when it comes to perfume, take a peek at the fragrances notes so you can find the perfect scent for you:

The Sugababes Tempt fragrance, featured in the black colored bottle has a fabulous scent which is warm and floral fruity. Ice tea, purple orchid, rose, musk and vanilla scents are all balanced to create a lovely feminine soft fragrance.

The Sugababes Tease fragrance, which is featured in the hot pink bottle has a very sexy and seductive scent given by the magnolia, jasmine, citrus and pear scent mix. Also white sandalwood can be sightly detected which manes this scent perfect for women who want to seduce!

For a bolder scent you can choose the Sugababes Touch fragrance as it is fabulous. The top notes are cranberry and lychee but you can also detect violet, rose, patchouli and musk which give the perfect balance.

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