The new Rochas Les Cascades de Rochas scent expands the series on the label’s previous success. Called Rochas Songe d’Iris, the new scent perfectly matches the mood of the new season. Fans of the brand will certainly recall the Eclat d’Agrumes, the fresh scent launched in the spring of 2012. Well, it seems like the label isn’t done expanding on the concept. The mood of the new scent, however is the one that makes the difference.

The new scent is meant to evoke serenity. But before getting conquered by the fabulous vibes that surround the second Rochas Les Cascade de Rochas perfume, let’s focus for a moment on the new scent’s notes, as these are the ones that ultimately have the potential to seduce our senses.

The Rochas Songe d’ Iris perfume is best described as a gourmand fresh scent and includes notes of iris, water lily, floral notes, chocolate and fig milk. Since it is part of the Les Cascade de Rochas collection, the bottle design is very similar to previous releases especially when it comes to the bottle cap.

Rochas’ perfumier Jean-Michel Duriez stated:

 “For the second one, we really wanted to speak again about freshness, but in another way.” According to the face of the label, Olivia Palermo the new scent beautifully evokes Parisian chicness: very soft, and I think it really captures the Paris feel that we were going for.”

She is referring to the print campaign that accompanies the new Rochas Songe d’Iris fragrance. The campaign was shot by Giampaolo Sgura. The gorgeous lavender body suit the actress is sporting in the new ads was designed by Rochas’ creative director Marco Zanini.

Rochas Songe D’Iris

The new Rochas Songe d’ Iris scent comes in a 50 ml version or 100 ml one. If you are a Paris dweller you’re in luck as the as the new Rochas scent has already been launched. For the not so lucky among fashionistas, the new Rochas perfume for 2013 will be available after the 1st of June.

Olivia Palermo For New Les Cascades De Rochas 2013 Fragrance

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Photos: WWD