The good/bad controversy is no strange things for Rihanna as she is eager to adopt both images every once in a while especially during her stage performances. The Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Reb’l Fleur perfume ad is another example of the sensuous charisma and sex-appeal of the young artist who managed to steal the heart of millions of fans with her girly features and radiant feminine allure.

Those who are familiarized with the Rihanna’s new fragrance Reb’l Fleur, will be simply thrilled to spot the ad that portrays her covered in a peach feathery daze and tells a real Alice in Wonderland style fairy-tale to promote the fragrance and illustrate its versatility. Creating a memorable and hot fragrance was indeed the chief aim of Rihanna and the ad further fuels the fascinating charm surrounding the creation of the scent as well as the combination of the different elements.

Rihanna Perfume Ad Pictures Rihanna Pictures of Perfume Ad

Rihanna at first is showed in a blissful and innocent fantasy wearing her hot peach dress and wandering through the magical maze looking for the right way. In the next moment however she crossed the border between the good and dark side and turns into a real hottie dressed in a fabulous black dress and approached by tempting men.

The magical mirror indeed symbolizes the border between the two worlds illustrated both by the opposite worlds of decency and sexiness. The audience is taken into a miraculous world of ambrosial scenes that would definitely make us sigh.It seems that both roles suit perfectly Rihanna and she mastered the art of adopting both of these personalities making the good girl gone bad catchphrase her signature mark.

The fabulous ad is as delicious for the fans as the alluring composition of the perfume made up of “a musky mix of vanilla, patchouli and amber”. RiRi proved to be a real chameleon both when it comes to style and also of her performances coming up with brand new fantasies to bring out the most of her sex-appeal as well as unique stage presence.

Contrary to the controversial video of S&M, this time Rihanna shows her naughty by nature side with subtle elegance and a more all-age-appropriate manner making the perfume extremely attractive to all fragrance fans.