If you want to make the best out of your fave scent be sure to check out these practical perfume tips!

Where you keep it
It would be the best if you would keep it on your toilet table, with the condition if it's not too close to the light or heath source.

Keep the bottle with the lid on, for keeping the fragrance.
If you "walking" it more, you will expose it or to cold, or to the heath from the inside.

Pulverize it on the wet hair!
If you want that the aroma last longer.
But don't exaggerate with the quantity, because the alcohol from it dries very much the hair.

Avoid perfumes with a single predominant note!

Like those with the orange colored bottle and smell like oranges, or pink bottle with strawberry flavor.

Don't keep it too long!
The period of guarantee for a perfume is maximum 8-10 months.
The less pretentious can degrade after only 3-4 months.
This means that the fragrance is modified, becomes oily and stains.