After the resounding success of the men fragrance line, Playboy has decided to take it one step further and create a line dedicated exclusively to women. The well known brand signed a partnership with Coty Inc to create a line that is meant to highlight the seduction game in three different stages. Considering the fact that fragrance is indeed considered to be one of the not-so-secret seduction weapon of women of around the world the name choice is definitely spot on.

Although the fragrance collection entered the European market in September 2010 in the US the fragrances are only available starting this month. Wondering about the scents associated with each stage of the seduction game? As far as the top notes of the fragrances are concerned, it seems that the notes get progressively more noticeable .

Play it Lovely is the lightest fragrance from the set, being ideal for those who like delicate, flirty yet innocent and relatively subtle notes. A fresh, floral scent this perfume has amber, patchouli and tonka bean notes at its base.

Sharry baby orchid, Belle de Nuit and tuberose notes make up the heart of the perfume while citrus, blackberries and peach are the top notes that define the scent. Noticeable without being overpowering this perfume can be a great choice for a casual daytime date.

Play it Sexy is a little bit stronger compared to Play it Lovely as it has more oriental touches. As a result this fragrance tends to be better suited for date nights as it is more sophisticated. The fragrance bouquet opens up with pink grapefruit, mandarin and pink pepper top notes that manage to spark interest instantaneously.

When it comes to middle notes, alluring jasmine tea, scented flowers and licorice are the one that add uniqueness to the to this seductive fragrance. To make the scents bouquet complete vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka bean were added as a base.

Play it Spicy on the other hand is an intriguing combination between the two fragrances featuring both floral and oriental notes for a unique, memorable scent that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. The base is somewhat similar to Play it Sexy as it is made of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. Moving on to the heart of this scent things get more interesting as tiger lily, passion flower and heliotrope become to get more noticeable. Pomegranate, Bellini cocktail and pink berries are the top notes that contribute to the development of this alluring scent.

The perfumes come in 30, 50 and 75 ml size versions. In addition the collection also features a 150 ml body spray. Price ranges for the products included in the collection vary between $5 and $24 depending on the chosen products .