I’m sure you knew that there is a visible difference between the price of a perfume and that of an eau de toilette. However this simple fact only scratches the surface of the real reason, why we choose these products. It seems that in the public knowledge perfumes are held to be the status symbols of a person. The perfume producers constantly amaze the public with their new inventions, mixing some larger than life potions that mesmerize millions.

Indeed the trick to find your way out of the scent labyrinth lies in your knowledge of each fragrance. Contrary to the misconceptions the difference between the following products is not in quality rather in function.The following ideas will illustrate the balance of forces in the battle of perfume vs. eau de toilette.


Indeed perfumes are the most respected, more than eau de toilettes or eau de parfums would ever be. Why is that?

Only because these products are known as ‘extracts’ and contain 15-40% perfume concentrate. That’s why the scent is more lasting, the effect more powerful.

This composition is the purest and most original form of scented products. Its price is defined having according to this knowledge. If you claim to have a sophisticated taste opt for these instead of less concentrated cosmetic products.

I’m sure you observed the fact that perfumes are stored in tiny bottles. The reason for this is that they are so concentrated that you have to apply only a small amount to have the desired result.

Since fragrances might fade due to weather conditions and heat, perfumes succeed in remaining immune to these. This fact stands at the basis of its reputation. The main benefit of perfumes is that they keep their effect for 6 hours. It is enough to pour or spray a few drops on your fingertips and apply it to the essential spots. Enjoy the fragrance all throughout the day.

It is also demonstrated that you should not buy an expensive perfume just because it smelt good on your friend. The risk of buying scented products is that these tend to change when getting in touch with you skin. That’s why don’t risk and choose a smaller package of perfume, it might turn out that you don’t like the fragrance at all.

Eau de Toilette

Companies that produce scented products often label them according to the ratio of alcohol to scented perfume concentrates. EDTs contain about 1-6% concentrates. That’s why the eau de toilette is considered less valuable than perfumes. The result of this composition is that these scents won’t last 6 only 2-4 hours. Due to its higher content of alcohol it evaporates quicker, simple as that!

As you observed these resemble rather a fresh body splash not a refined perfume. Contrary to its fellow, eau de toilettes are recommended for daily use. Some won’t sacrifice their precious signature perfumes for working or busy weekdays. They might then choose these products. Their scent can be as refreshing indeed not as strong and delicate.

EDTs have a refreshing and energizing roles similarly to spray mist and body lotions. You won’t attract the attention of other with it still you can enjoy its benefits. It is often considered a preparatory solution for the real perfume.