If you want a long-lasting subtle fragrance, you need to apply it the right way. Try the best perfume tips and find out how to wear fragrance to really make it work as part of your style, not just as a smell that happens to be around you.

There are three main types of fragrance and each has its own strengths, but most perfume tips go well with either one. While most perfumes don’t stain clothing, you should restrict the direct application to your skin and hair without spritzing your outfit as well.

How to Apply Each Type of Fragrance

The lightest fragrance, Eau de Toilette can be applied the most generously and it’s usually used in the morning. Spritz it around you or go for the pulse points for a longer lasting effect. Lightly spritzing it on your hair provides a similar effect and the fragrance lasts better during the day that way.

When you’re using Eau de Parfum the recommended way to wear it is to spritz it into the air and walk into it. If it comes in a bottle, lightly dab the fragrance on your skin.

For Perfume, the strongest essence of the three, you should focus on the pulse points that help it open for a sensual longer lasting effect.

Perfume Tips: How to Wear Fragrance

Pulse Points

Areas of the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin produce more heat and they’re the pulse points or pressure points where you should be applying the fragrance for a longer lasting effect.

The pulse points include the neck, neckline, inner wrists, inner elbows and the areas behind the ear lobes and even your knees. Use these pulse points for a longer lasting effect when you apply perfume in the morning. If you’re getting ready for a date, keep in mind that while it smells great, it doesn’t taste very good, so try to avoid areas that may be kissed, licked or nibbled very soon.

Perfume Tips: How to Wear Fragrance

Major Dont’s

Applying perfume shouldn’t be the last thing you do before you leave the house. The simplest response to the question of how to wear your fragrance is applying it before you get dressed. Some types of perfume can also stain metal and peals, so protect your jewelry.

Never rub the skin right after you’ve just applied perfume and avoid rubbing your wrists together once you’ve added a touch of fragrance on them. This damages the molecules and can change the scent.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply perfume on all your pulse points at the same time, nor should you use too much even if you spritz it in the air and walk through it.

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