The second One Direction fragrance is on its way, Harry Styles announced yesterday! The band’s first fragrance ‘Our Moment’ became one of the fastest selling fragrance of 2013, so the boys decided to surprise fans with a new flanker. The new fragrance is titled ‘That Moment’ and it’s very similar to the original scent, both in terms of presentation and smell. After all, the fans’ overwhelming response was the catalyst for the new project according to the teen heartthrob who presented some of the key aspects about the new scent in a short Youtube video.

“Your reaction to Our Moment has been absolutely amazing… people have already been asking what is next. So we’ve come up with a new version…. with some of the original notes but with some new stuff. It’s a special edition, and it’s called That Moment. We hope you like it as much as we do and we will see you very soon.”

One Direction That Moment

How exactly will the new scent be different from the uber successful original perfume? Well, according to the singer, it will smell as good as it looks and apparently it will feature a couple of fresh floral and fruity notes: ”It’s taking things like pink grapefruit and Jasmine, and mixing them with scents like green apple and violet… in a swanky new bottle!”

Another great thing about the new One Direction That Moment fragrance is that the band isn’t planning on keeping fans waiting for too long. The special edition fragrance is said to arrive in stores starting with early April, though no details have been disclosed yet regarding the price. However, given the striking similarities between the two scents, the price range will probably be the same as with the first scent. If the popularity of the first scent is to be taken into account, this too will sell like hotcakes, so procrastinating is definitely not recommended if you plan on adding the scent to your personal beauty collection.

Will you be trying out the new 1D ‘That Moment’ fragrance when it comes out?

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Photos: Getty Images, MTV