Olivia Wilde fronts the Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour campaign for 2013. The actress looks completely stunning in the latest ads which promote the new scent which will be launched in May. The title of the new Avon perfume immediately makes one think about eternal love and the new ads further emphasize this idea with a variety of romantic touches which instantly attract attention. If you’ve doubted the fact that Olivia looks stunning in a wedding dress even for a second, the new campaign will instantly prove you wrong.

Brides to be can find the new campaign incredibly inspirational. Fan of the brand or not, it’s quite hard to deny that the latest Avon fragrance campaign can bring plenty of fun ideas in said department. Achieving the perfect balance between visual interest and subtlety can be a tricky task yet the new looks can definitely shed some light on the mystery. 

Olivia Wilde  Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Campaign Photos

Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Campaign 2013

Olivia Wilde’s experience as a Revlon ambassador definitely paid off and the new ads are definitely an impressive proof of the fact.The new Avon fragrance bottle also carries plenty of romantic elements. The floral patterns that adorn the bottle add an extra romantic vibe to scent. The new ad campaign looks fresh, romantic and feminine and these are exactly the vibes that the new Avon scent for 2013 carries. How does eternal love smell like? Well, the scent opens up with fresh notes of citrus, green notes and pink pepper. A heart of white magnolia, jasmine petals, lily of the valley brings complexity to the scent, while base notes of musk, sandalwood and cedar add the final defining touches to the fab new scent. The new scent will come in 30 ml version.

Olivia Wilde  Avon Today Tomorrow Always AmourOlivia Wilde  Avon Today Tomorrow Always Amour Campaign 2013

The fresh floral Avon perfume can prove an inspirational choice not only for those who are getting ready to walk down the isle but also for those who are looking for a fresh choice for the season. If you liked the previous Diamond, In Bloom, Heart, In Love and Romantic Voyage versions, chances are you’ll love the latest Avon 2013 fragrance.

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