Escada is celebrating 20 years of having fun with flirty summer fragrances through the launch of yet another deliciously sassy fragrance collection. With the power to enchant the olfactory senses, the new collection brings to the surface the best of the summer through fruity, fresh and floral ingredients that are mixed and matched to conquer the senses of women with various personalities.

Various scents can trigger a ‘flood’ of memories and influence one’s mood, creating a positive or a mellow state of mind in an instant, so no wonder that perfumes have become a definite must for hundreds of years now. One can identify with certain scents that seem to underline a person’s personality, describing it without words, so if you’re ready to make an impression without even trying, try one of these charming scents! The new Escada seasonal summer fragrance collection comes with three lovely scents which promise to envelop you in a flirty, chic summer breeze that will be hard to resist.

Sexy Graffiti A fruity floral scent infused with a touch of mint for a very seductive allure. The scent releases the following ingredients that mesmerize: cashmeran, vanilla and musk at the base for depth and texture, Lily of the Valley, red peony and violets as middle notes and strawberry, raspberry, grapefruit and a touch of mint for freshness as top notes.

Rockin’ Rio This is a flamboyant scent that has been inspired by the quintessential holiday cocktail. Its fruity-fresh youthful scent features a seductive sandalwood and musk mix at the base, sugar cane, Pina Colada and peach as middle notes all topped by the sweetness of tangerine, papaya and pineapple notes.

Island Kiss With an exquisite mix of tropical hotness and exoticism, this lovely warm fruity-floral scent offers women an ultra seductive allure. At the base red fruits, woods and musk collaborate to make this scent feel sexy while at heart notes of magnolia and peach provide the warmth that enchants your senses. Top notes of orange, passion flower and mango accentuate the exoticism of the fragrance, leaving it hard to resist.

The new seasonal fragrances signed Escada can be found in Eau De Toilette bottles of 100, 50 and 30 ml, body lotion of 150 and 50 ml and fragrance pen.

Photos courtesy of Escada Fragrances

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