Women love to wear perfume and many of us cannot even imagine stepping out of the house without a touch of perfume. A woman generally tries out several different fragrances until she finds the one that really suits her. However, it happens frequently that the ideal perfume still has one single flaw, namely that it evaporates after a few hours. It can happen even in the case of some big perfume brands. If you reapply it many times a day you will run out of it really fast.

The perfume’s composition, your skin type and even the light you expose your perfume to, all play a vital role in how long it maintains the fragrance. If you are in trouble finding the best method to keep the scent long lasting, you don’t have to worry any more. Here are some great tips to help you know how to preserve the fragrance all day long.

Similarly to makeup, perfumes need a certain type of base to keep their scent for long hours. Have you ever heard about a scent primer? You surely have it in your cosmetic bag: body lotion. Researches have shown that fragrances last longer on oily, moisturized skin, while scents evaporate faster when they are applied on dry skin. If you want to layer your fragrance, start with a refreshing shower and use your favorite shower gel or soap.

After you have dried your body with a towel, apply moisturizer all over your body in order to moisturize your skin and make the fragrance last longer. A great choice is to match the fragrance of the lotion with that of your perfume. In fact, many companies launch kits that contain a perfume, a shower gel and a body lotion as well. This way you will be able to layer the scent so that it will be more powerful and long-lasting.

When applying the scent, take into account the warmth of your body and make sure you spray it on the right spots. Fragrances last much longer when they are applied on the so-called pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears, base of the throat, temple, inside the elbows, between the breasts or at the back of knees. On these body points, the skin is thinner and the blood vessels are closer to the skin. Therefore your skin can produce a larger amount of heat, which enhances the scent of your perfume.

Don’t skip important pulse points such as the back of your knees and the ankles while applying your favorite perfume, since fragrances generally move upwards and this way you can make your perfume last longer on your skin. Many people make the mistake of rubbing together their wrists after they have applied the perfume on these spots. However you better avoid this bad habit, since it only breaks the molecules of the perfume and wipes away the fragrance.

Spray your favorite perfume before putting on your clothes in order to avoid staining your outfit. Make sure you spray the scent from approximately 10-12 inches and then walk through the mist to distribute the fragrance all over your body.

Rub a little amount of petroleum jelly, Vaseline or Shea butter or olive oil on the pulse points you plan to spray the perfume on. This is a wonderful way to make the scent stick to your skin and last longer.

Proper storage is another important thing when it comes to preserving the scent of your perfume. Extreme exposure to heat and sunlight can completely destroy your perfume because these factors generate a change in the composition of the fragrance. However, perfumes are excellent complementary objects for your vanity table, the best place to store them is their original box or a drawer, ideally at room temperature.