The list of the lust-worthy fragrances of the year just gained a new addition: the Mademoiselle Ricci perfume, a romantic modern scent from the renowned Nina Ricci luxury label. Find out more about it!

The long list of the lust-worthy fragrances from Nina Ricci expands with a new feminine scent which channels a slightly different set of influences compared to some of the recent scents under the luxury label's guidance which were more focused on poetic aspects. The upcoming Mademoiselle Ricci fragrance reveals a more romantic side of the label with a strong yet subtle modern vibe being mostly dedicated to women from the 25-35 age group.

The creative mind behind the scent is Alberto Morillas who focused on creating a timeless scent, which means there could be high chances for the fragrance to gain a signature status.

The new scent aims to enchant your senses with a delightful floral bouquet that will reveal your feminine side. The scent mesmerizes your senses with wild rose and pink pepper top notes which are perfectly complemented by a heart of nerium oleander, rose hip and laurels and the final touches are given by the seductive white wood and musk notes. The delicate and uber girly metallic ribbon is the final touch that reveals the scent's nature.

The new perfume is set to be released this month, on August 6 in France and in other European countries, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America by September.

The scent also benefits from a lovely campaign designed to reveal its nature. The ads feature James Rousseau and Tati Cotliar, portrayed as a young couple in love in Paris. Similar to a romantic comedy, the ads feature the 'pop the question' scenario. Expect to see short spots on television and in movie theaters along with printed ads in fashion magazines soon.