Lacoste launched a real campaign to breathe life into the ideal of pink, a color that is used all over the world for various purposes and as the symbol of so many things. The collection called Lacoste Pink includes so far four different fragrances: Touch of Pink, Dream of Pink, Love of Pink and Joy of Pink. Indeed the popularity of the complete selection of scents can be attributed to the composition that is appropriate for all age groups and emanates positive energy as well as dynamism.

Those who long for a fresh and at the same time feminine vibe should definitely experiment with Joy of Pink that offers a once in a lifetime experience especially at first smell. The inspiration behind the fragrance is the Blue Curacao cocktail further complemented with peony as well as other floral notes. Furthermore you’ll find some musk as well as cedar and also grapefruit as the basic elements used to immortalize this enchanting scent.

The ad is just as mesmerizing thanks to the contribution of models as Alexa Chung, Polly Brown, Donna McPhail. Indeed their youthful and Boho chic allure further mirrors the actual mood a similar fragrance would give us. Enjoy life as it is and make sure you pamper your senses with a fabulous scent for your taste. This is without a doubt the main message of the ad.

The packaging is minimalist still created in the same vision as the earlier editions of the Lacoste Pink collection. The vibrating pink bottle is decorated with the name of the perfume engraved with silver. You’ll find the Joy of Pink fragrance in 30,50 as well as 90ml editions however additionally you’ll benefit of a Shower Gel of 50 ml as well as a Body Lotion of 50 ml. Trawl the market for the latest scent of Lacoste and make sure you cheer yourself up with a similar accessory each time you feel low.