Another day, another opportunity for Kim Kardashian to make some extra money with her enormous popularity and her talent for recognizing a good business opportunity. Since Kim is no ordinary bride, she will not settle for just any popular fragrance of the moment on her wedding day. Instead, she created her own fragrance for the occasion, appropriately calling it ‘Love’.

Since love is the main inspiration, the reality star gladly shared her thoughts on this magnificent feeling and on marriage too: “I used to think falling in love was the most incredible feeling,” she said. “But now I see there’s nothing more special than the enduring beauty of building a life with your other half and watching your love grow, each and every day.”

But, while love might be eternal, her fragrance will certainly not be as it is a limited edition one, so those who want this special signature scent will have to act quickly. Kim explains:

“I thought it would be fun to create a special fragrance that represents this special time in my life! We’ve only produced 1000 bottles… one for me to wear on my wedding day, 200 for my bridal shower, and 799 for you guys!”

Kim certainly expects her latest project to be a resounding success, given the positive response she got on her previous similar projects: “I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. I’ve had such a positive response to my previous two fragrances and this one means so much to me because of what it stands for… the enduring beauty of building a life with your other half and watching your love grow, each and every day.”

Taking a closer look at the bouquet of scents that make up this feminine fragrance we instantly notice an interesting blend of musk, sandalwood and orris root at the base merged with seductive French mimosa, rare Egyptian tuberose, and rose at the core of the perfume. Sparkling red currant, pink freesia and star jasmine add the final touches to this unique and alluring bouquet of scents making it unique and memorable.

Kim left her personal touch on the bottle design as well adding a little bling bling and personally numbering and signing each fragrance bottle. Wondering about the price of ‘Love’? Well, that’ll be $100, according to Kim. If the latest fragrance signed by Kim sounds tempting, you can pre-order it online at, where you will also be able to find out additional info related to the purchase policy.

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