When it comes to celebrity style, nothing comes as a surprise. People love to know everything about their favorite celebrities and love to purchase everything that has the signature of their favorite star.

One of the most trendiest thing among celebrities at this moment is developing a signature scent. It seems that more and more celebrities are interested in releasing their own perfume. For many years celebrities have been only the image for certain perfumes but it seems that the hottest trend now is for the perfume to wear the celebrities’ name and to match their personality.

Kat Von D’s celebrity has been constantly rising, because of her gorgeousness, incredible style, personality, talent and power of character. These characteristics seem to be a lethal combination, a combination destined for success. The two Kat Von D signature brand Saint and Sinner have been developed for Sephora. It seems that Kat isn’t new in the cosmetic business, other cosmetics wear her name as well: tattoo concealer, makeup, available at Sephora.

There has always been something very attractive in the bad girls type of chicks, and it seems Kat is no exception. People seem to be intrigued about everything she does. She seems to be a style icon for more and more women all over the world.

Kat Von D Sinner and Saint Kat Von D Saint

The Saint and Sinner perfumes have been developed for Sephora. They are two distinct perfumes, distinction underlined by their names as well as their scents. There has always been a battle between the good and the bad, and there will always be an interest towards the innocence that everything good seems to be wrapped around and the mystery and sensuality everything bad exudes.

These fragrances seem to capture perfectly Kat Von D’s personality; she has a certain innocence about her but her looks help her create a bad girl attitude.

The Saint perfume has a certain innocence about it, the name and the white coloration of the perfume bottle matching the theme perfectly. The perfume has an incredible scent, a scent meant to bring peace, serenity and joy through the pleasuring of exotic flowery scent. Jasmine, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and musk are the key ingredients of this wonderful and sweet perfume. The perfume is meant to underline the angelic found at the base of every woman’s personality.

Sinner is the perfume which is meant to emphasize your sensuality. It is a perfume whose name says it all, a perfume which will make you feel sexy, attractive and powerful. The coloration of the perfume bottle matches perfectly the perfume- red expresses pleasure, sensuality and mystery. The orange blossom scent, patchouli, jasmine, vanilla and spicy cinnamon make this perfume hard to resist.

Kat Von D Saint Perfume Kat Von D Sinner Perfume

Try the perfume which matches your personality best, Saint or it’s alter ego, Sinner, to capture the essence of Kat Von D. Saint or Sinner; which one is for you?