Jimmy Choo, the world famous shoe designer brand seems to have expanded its borders and is set to launch a perfume line. Jimmy Choo fragrance launch seems to come to complete the beauty of a woman as shoes and the right fragrance can most definitely be the most important must have accessories for a woman.

Tamara Mellon, the creative director for Jimmy Choo revealed the label’s first scent on October 22, 2010 in a presentations to editors in London. It seems that Tamara Mellon has wanted to launch a perfume line signed Jimmy Choo since the beginning and this dream of hers is about to come true.

Mellon said to journalist Colin McDowell according to wwd.com that: “I’d wanted to do a fragrance from the beginning of Jimmy Choo. I want to accessorize a woman completely and fragrance is something a woman wears every day – it goes on her skin.”

Jimmy Choo Fragrance

The fragrance which is names simply “Jimmy Choo” has a very modern and feminine scent, a fruity floral scent which is “feminine yet empowering, with a lot of sensuality to it.” (wwd.com) A fragrance which suits your personality and style can really make a difference as a great scent can have a say about your personality as well as can install a state of well being over your body and mind.

The Jimmy Choo fragrance (eau de parfum) will be launched worldwide seemingly in February 2011, along with a body lotion and shower gel. A eau de toilette version will also be launched by Jimmy Choo but only on certain markets.

Tamara MellonTamara Mellon/Getty Images

The design of the bottle is simple yet luxurious and it was inspired by Murano glass, a type of glass done in Venice, Italy. Mellon told wwd.com: I wanted something you would be proud to have on your dressing table.”

As we all known Jimmy Choo is all about perfection, the expectations when it comes to this fragrance will be high but we’re sure it will most definitely rise to the height of the expectations.

Source: WWD.com