Jennifer Lopez is adding another fabulous perfume on her already long list. Launched on the 2nd of July, the new fragrance, called ‘Love and Light’ will debut in Kohl’s and other stores in September. Jennifer explains that the new fragrance is closely linked to a previously launched one and aims to help women express themselves and their deepest emotions:

“Love & Light is an extension of ‘Love & Glamour’. It’s the next incarnation. With Love& Light, I wanted to create a fragrance that was less about the world around you and more about your inner light and your spirit. It’s about how you feel inside; it’s not about your outside world”.

The preference for femininity and sophistication is fairly noticeable if we take a closer look at the perfume bottle which imitates feminine curves and uses subtle iridescent notes for extra sophistication. As far as the main notes of the perfume are concerned, rose crystal absolute, apricot, jasmine, mandarin, red currant, patchouli, musk and praline are the ones that will enchant our senses.

The singer and the other producers of the fragrance didn’t waste any time developing the ad campaign for the new fragrance which has already been filmed. The ad campaign exudes sophistication and class, with a fairly noticeable vintage touch. Jennifer looks absolutely stunning in a silky gown with perfectly styled cascading waves.

The latest fragrance from the star will be available in two versions: a 30 ml version and a 75 ml version with matching body care products. The price for the first version is said to be $32 while the second version will be sold for $58. Taking into account past sales figures for the perfumes launched by the 41 year old diva, we can safely assume her latest signature fragrance will be a complete success.