Perfumes usually come at a pretty high price depending on size, brand, packaging and taxes. Since there are so many places you can buy perfumes and there are so many fakes you can barely spot you can never know what you are buying unless you are buying your perfume from a authorized dealer.

In order to save some money you can try to make your own perfume out of your favorite scents and create your own signature scent. This way you will know for certain that your perfume is original and it contains no chemicals which can cause allergies.

To create your own perfume you will need the following:

favorite essential oils

distilled water


a notebook

bottles for storing

Add 15 to 30% favorite essential oils, 70 to 85% alcohol and distilled water until your reach 100%. Note the exact drops you put in of each essential oil, alcohol and distilled water so in case you love the outcome you have the exact formula to make it again. One drop of an essential oil can change the smell of the perfume completely.

Mix the essential oils and alcohol together until the oil blended with the alcohol, cover it and let the mixture sit in a dark cool place for about 48 hours. After the 48 hours passed add the distilled water, stir well and let it sit again for another 48 hours.

The longer it sits the stronger the scent will be. If the scent is too strong you add more water and let it sit again. When you are done and you have obtained the desired scent your the mixture through a coffee filter into the storing bottles and keep the bottles away from the sun. Experiment, name and enjoy your own homemade perfume.