Fragrance or perfume is one of the best things yet invented in the history of cosmetic products. They offer us pleasure by wearing them, making us smell and feel good. There are so many perfume scents available to suite everyone’s taste and personality. From floral to fruity or fresh, perfumes smell great.

There are fragrances that are appropriate for day wear and there are fragrances appropriate for evening wear. Evening wear perfumes are usually stronger scented and last longer than day fragrances which are more subtle.

Heat makes the perfume emanate better it’s scent. This is why perfume should be applied on certain parts of the skin, the parts which thin skinned. If the skin is thinner it will warm up easier, thus amplifying the scent.

Some scents smell differently in contact with the skin so it is always a good idea to try the perfume before you buy it. You might like it on someone else but in combination with your skin it might not smell as nice as you would have thought.

marilyn wearing Chanel no.5 vintage

Always buy a fragrance which appeals to you. Wearing a scent that you love can help you become more confident, making you look more attractive. Change your fragrance once in a while because if you will wear the same fragrance every day you will get used to it’s smell. A little diversification won’t hurt at all.

Apply your favorite perfume on the “hot” spots of your skin so the scents can wrap around you like a veil of gorgeous scents. The hot spots are the points where your pulse can be felt better. Spray the perfume on the inside of your wrists, on the inside of your elbows, on your neck and on the back of your neck.