Each year fragrance houses and designers release all sorts of new perfumes that are very inviting and very pricey as well. However, some of these might not be suitable for you, so you should better stay away from the stylish fragrances and get the ones that are suitable for you.

A person can be defined in many coordinates, including his or her fragrance. This is one of the reasons why a pleasant fragrance that is suitable for the personality of each is imperative. People can get the false impression judging you by a fragrance that is not you at all.

There are many categories of perfumes: Floral, Oriental, Chypre, Green Marine, Floriental and Fruity. The plants used to manufacture the majority of the perfumes are: bay leaf, cardamom, lilac, cedar wood, pine, moss, eucalyptus, iris, frankincense, lily, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, lemon, magnolia, orange, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, or ylang-ylang and many, many others. There are also some animal scents used in the combination of perfumes: the musk, ambergris or civet, are just a few examples.

Each of these has different attributes. You probably prefer some of these aromas, so guide your senses.

The composition of perfumes is 75% denaturated ethyl alcohol and essential oils of different scents. The eau de toilette is less concentrated in essential oils and then there comes the eau de parfum and the eau de cologne. The fixative is also important in the composition of perfumes, preserving the smell for a long time. When looking for your fragrance you need to bear a few things in mind. First of all, there are three tones which may be sensed in a perfume: the first tone, which will usually wear off in up till one hour, then there is the mid tone, which persists half a day and then there is the base tone, which is the final stage of the fragrance. In order to like one fragrance, you will have to enjoy all its stages, so you have to test the fragrance and smell it in different parts of the day to see if you still like it.

It is a terrible mistake to take the fragrance judging by the first sniff that you sense. Pulverize the perfume in areas of the body where the blood flow is abundant, such as the wrist or the base of the neck. A perfume may smell differently on two different individuals, as the perfume mixes with each person’s natural scent, so if you sense a perfume that you like on a friend, this does not necessarily mean that it will smell the same on you.

The fragrances that are in style this year are Gucci by Gucci, Ralph Wild by Ralph Lauren and loads others.

However, you should test these and see if they are to your taste. If you don’t like them, I suggest you stick to your old choices but keep on trying the new releases until you find a fragrance that suits your way of being.