Do you want to buy a new perfume and don’t know exactly what you should go for? You have come to the right place because we have amazing suggestions for you regarding fall 2013 fragrances.

We have come up with a list of recommendations that we are sure you will enjoy and will inspire you for your future buying!

New Fragrances for Fall 2013

If you are one of those secure and sexy women that master the flirt technique, you should go for bright floral scent with touches of sweetness. This way, you will surely catch other people’s attention and stand out.

Our suggestions for you are: Vera Wang Be Jeweled Fragrance ($45) or Secret Seduction Dark Orchid from Victoria’s Secret ($55).

Fall Fragrances For WomenBuy It: Secret Seduction Dark Orchid from Victoria’s Secret 

For the creative type that spends a lot of time going to art galleries, taking beautiful artistic photos or writing in their notebook, a great floral scent with woody undertones will make you feel special and great!

You can go for Prada’s Candy L’eau ($68) or L’eau de Chloé by Chloé ($70).Fragrances For Women 2013

Buy it: Prada’s Candy L’eauL’eau de Chloé by Chloé

If you are more like a sporty type that will never back out a healthy competition, you should go for a fresh, energetic and citrus scented fragrance that will keep you feeling young such as Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Lemon Tart ($60). Buy it: Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Lemon Tart 

Are you by any chance that great friend who always listens and gives the best pieces of advice? If your answer is a big YES, it means that you are into subtle and delicate flowery scents that will make your personality bloom. Just try out Marc Jacobs’ Daisy ($85) and you will feel in heaven.Fall 2013 PerfumesBuy it: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Should you be one of those geeky women that know lots of things on many subjects, you may want to go and buy a floral and elegant scent that is not too sweet, for example, Pleasures Pop by Estee Lauder ($60).

Do you like to spend a lot of time with your friends outdoors or just plan amazing parties? If yes, it means you are the so-called social butterfly that wants to be the center of attention or the soul of the party. And you should choose a fun fruity scent that will match your lovely and friendly personality.Fall 2013 Fragrances For Women

Our suggestion: Marc Jacobs Honey ($22) or Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture ($70).

Fragrances That Remind Us of Fall

We are sure that fall has a different scent for everybody. From freshly picked chrysanthemums from the farmers market to grandma’s delicious quinces and beautifully colored leafs, fall is everywhere. But what are the fragrances that remind us of fall?

Guerlain Mitsouko is a fruity perfume that has as main aromas peach, vetiver and moss. You will feel glowing just like an amazing sunset over the hill. Buy it: Guerlain Mitsouko

L’Ambres des Merveilles by Hermès has sweet scents that will transport you into your childhood, when you used to eat warm caramel apples at the fair. Buy it: L’Ambres des Merveilles by HermèsPerfumes For Women

Let’s imagine one thing: it’s raining outside and you are just in the mood for a good book. Theorema by Fendi will make you feel like that. It is an oriental perfume and its main ingredients are amber, sandalwood, patchouli and warm spices. Buy it: Theorema by Fendi

Fall is beautiful in Asia. Tom Ford voyages in the Far East with his beautiful scent, Fleur de Chine from the Atelier D’Orient fragrance line. Inspired by the romantic and mysterious Asian women, this great perfume abounds in plum, magnolia, jasmine and exotic hua lan flower.Fall Scents For Women

Carven Le Parfum just reminds you of freshly picked flowers. You will feel amazing wearing this beautiful bouquet of jasmine, white hyacinth, sweet pea and sandalwood.

Are you attracted by the oriental fragrances of the Middle East? If you just answered yes, it means you will also love Rose D’Arabie by Armani Privé. Inspired by the tale of The Thousand and One Nights, this perfume reminds us of the desert, having the texture and refinement of gold brocade, as Giorgio Armani would say.

Are you just in the mood for a fruity orange scent that will help you regain your strength? You should go for Azemour les Oranges by Parfum d’Empire. Having orange at its heart, it will make even the cloudiest fall day become shiny again.Perfumes For Fall

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