Gorgeous and sensual Eva Mendes is replacing Naomi Watts, who was spokesmodel for the fragrance since 2008, becoming Thierry Mugler’s “Angel” new face. The sexy actress will turn up the heat in the ads for the famous brand starting September this year.

Explaining their choice, the company said that they had chosen gorgeous Eva Mendes as the actress might be the perfect embodiment of the fragrance’s “explosive” qualities. And Eva is, without any doubt, the best solution in this sense exuding sex-appeal and maximum femininity. Well, no one can deny the fact that the 36-year-old actress is smoking hot.

“While Naomi Watts’ ethereal beauty embodied the angelic aspect of the fragrance, Thierry Mugler chose to reignite the enticing and explosive dimensions of the fragrance with the sultry Mendes,” the company stated. They also added that, “though her obviously flawless physical beauty is in perfect harmony with the artist’s aesthetic canon, Ms. Mendes mesmerized Mugler with her independence, determination and humor.”

Throughout time, since the perfume was launched back in 1992, the brand changed their spokesmodels every few years. French actress and model Estelle Lefébure was the first to represent the fragrance, followed, in 1995, by American model and actress Jerry Hall.

Next, in 1998, it was model Amy Wesson to be featured in the ads for “Angel” and, in 2003, model Anna Maria Cseh became Mugler’s muse. In 2006, Italian model Bianca Balti continued the “Angel” legend, while Naomi Watts was named the scent’s face in 2008.

Now, it’s time for Eva Mendes to personify the iconic fragrance. Besides this project, the actress was also named the new face of Reebok EasyTone Apparel collection, becoming global ambassador and a part of Reebok and the Reetoners for the EasyTone spring/summer 2011 collection, a footwear and apparel toning line.

“Angel” is described as something “close to tenderness, to childhood”, a great combination between an angelic, soft sweetness and sensual notes, all enclosed in one celestial, dreamy bottle. A charming, irresistible scent that through its invention inaugurated a new olfactory category called “oriental gourmands”.