Celebrity perfumes are becoming more and more popular. This time, it’s Eva Longoria‘s turn to please her fans with a signature scent. In fact, this is the actress’ second fragrance. The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star joined the increasing group of famous scents back in 2010 when she released Eva. Called EVAmour, Longoria’s new perfume is more complex than the first one and perfectly reflects the real her.

“I’m not used to something that is so layered, and the second one is pretty layered with some pink lady apple and red currant. The first fragrance is a little simpler,” she told WDD. “It is like when you start drinking wine. I started with white wine and have gone into the more complex, red wine. I am taking baby steps into the more complex notes.”

If the first fragrance is simple and more versatile, EVAmour seems to be created in order to celebrate the self-confident, sexy woman. “You have different fragrances for different moods. If you are feeling seductive and sophisticated, wanting to go out and make a bolder statement, you wear the second one. If you are working around other people in an office, the first one might be more appropriate,” the actress explained.

Eva Longoria Launches New Fragrance, EVAmour

But what made the gorgeous actress develop her own signature fragrance? Longoria revealed her reasons in 2010 when she launched Eva. “I have always been somewhat allergic to all perfumes and really wanted to create something that every woman could wear. So I decided to create my own fragrance that is light, fresh and unique. I think the scent of a woman is extremely sexy and this scent will prove that,” she explained. “I wanted something clean and fresh. Something that smelled like you just got out of the shower. And that’s how I came up with the scent,” said the actress.

EVAmour is a romantic and seductive fragrance signed by perfumer Annie Buzantian and has a floral – fruity – musky character. The fragrance opens with juicy notes of bergamot blossom, pink lady apple and red currant that fall over tiger lily, rose, frangipani and pink peony representing the floral heart of the fragrance. Bottom notes create a warm base of woody and musky tones, amber and vanilla orchid.

“When we saw it [the perfume], we just fell in love with it. It really reflects who she is. It is very seductive, but there is also this playfulness to it that plays off her personality. The red colored bottle represents what she stands for in terms of women, power and amour. It all ties back to who she is, and I love when there is that deep connection between the fragrance and the person,” says Betsy Olum, general manager of beauty and merchandising strategy at HSN.

EVAmour will become exclusively available to the Home Shopping Network (HSN) audience on March 29.

Eva Longoria Launches New Fragrance, EVAmour

Photos courtesy of fragrantica.com