Those who were eager to spot the latest Estee Lauder powder compact as well as solid perfume collection can be thrilled about the mythical world it presents from the various natural motifs to the traditional and fabulous designs. The collection also celebrates the blissful collaboration of the company with the venerated design Jay Strongwater who envisioned several of the pieces decorated with artful precision. Besides fulfilling the role of voguish perfumes and powders these cosmetics can be regarded as part of a complete and sophisticated collection of jewelry pieces. Indeed the aim of Estee Lauder was to mesmerize and imprison the public into this fairy-tale world of tiny figurines that would serve as the most memorable gifts for the holidays.

This time we’ll have the chance to take a closer view at the beauties of nature. Orchids as well as hibiscus and other heart-warming prints and images were fused with the uber-refined and embellished tiny boxes. Swarovski crystals were only some of the chief details that boost the prominence and value of these stylish fragrances. Jay Strongwater contributed to the winter fantasy of Estee Lauder with a trademark enamel work as well as other authentic techniques to make the packaging even more remarkable. The limited-edition of powder compacts and perfumes will immortalize the upcoming holidays.

Choose one of these fabulous jewelry pieces and skim through their fabulous content as presented above:

1.Exotic Orchid by Jay Strongwater for Estee Lauder 2.Royal Moon classic metal compact Estee Lauder 3.Estee Lauder Jade Starlight compact 4.Estee Lauder Golden Sundial pressed powder 5.Estee Lauder Radiant Bloom classic metal compact

6.Estee Lauder Beautiful Wise Ole Owl by Jay Strongwater 7.Estee Lauder Sensuous Purple Hibiscus 8.Pleasures Playful Squirrel by Jay Strongwate 9.Estee Lauder Youth Dew Timeless Cameo 10.Estee Lauder White Linen Jeweled Sea Turtle

11.Magical Leaf Compact Fragrance Estee Lauder 12.Precious Bluebirds by Jay Strongwater for Estee Lauder 13.Crystal Herringbone Powder Estee Lauder 14.Pleasures Pony Compact Estee Lauder 15.Romantic Bouquet Fragrance Estee Lauder 16.Pleasures Spider Compact Estee Lauder

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