Smell has always been a highly important factor for people as it can trigger different emotions, so no wonder women have turned their attention towards seductive fragrances since ancient times. Diane von Furstenberg knows the importance of fragrance in the art of seduction, so no wonder she has directed her attention towards this field also. Diane von Furstenberg has launched another fragrance after a period of 8 years, a fragrance which is titled Diane after her own name.

The fragrance Diane von Furstenberg has created seems to be an interpretation of everything beautiful. A gorgeous scent that suits a woman’s personality can most definitely bring a sense of empowerment and confidence that women need.

Apparently, Diane’s experience in fashion has helped her observe the power of fragrance and the fact that according to Diane “People forgot about the power of perfume and the magic of perfume. Perfume has been used since antiquity to seduce. It is about emotion; it is memory and addiction.”

This is the reason that inspired her to create a new fragrance, a fragrance which will capture the essence of beauty and seductiveness. Diane von Furstenberg told in an interview that: “Everything I saw and everything I do is all about the same thing: Be the woman you want to be. It’s all about empowering women.”

The Diane fragrance which was created with the help of Chantal Ross and crafted by Aurelien Guichard of Givaudan opens up beautifully with two floral top notes: frangipani and violet. The middle notes of woody accents add a touch of warmth and power to the scent, while the base notes of patchouli, myrrh and musk evoke femininity.

The launch of the fragrance was glamorous, yet with a relaxed feel, just like the fragrance and was held by Diane and her husband on their private 305 foot yacht on the Hudson River. The fragrance will be available in different sizes of EDT and EDP and will feature a body lotion for women who want the whole package!

Diane von Furstenberg Diane Fragrance

Photos courtesy of PR Photos, WWD