The House of Escada describes its newest product, beautifully bottled in a gold glass, “a powerful enchanting scent inspired by the uncontrollable desire a woman can provoke in a man with a single look.” Hmm, appetizing, right?

As it name is very clear about, “Desire me” is a provocative scent for a woman deeply aware of her inner powers, of her beauty and who’s looking for the all-times thing we’ve all been looking for: love and passion.

As the ultimate secret of seduction, “Desire me” had to have some pretty passionate notes, and it actually does. It contains, as a base note, Tiramisu (“Incredible me” also was built on this particular note), rich chocolate, orchid and honeysuckle floral notes. Put them together and you’ll see for yourself, the most intense and incredibly good smelling perfume is born, just like “Desire me”, by Escada is.

Escada Desire Me is available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

The ad campaign included model Olivia Wilde, photographed by Greg Williams, and the TV commercial was directed by Brett Foraker.