The new fragrance Hugo Boss released in June 2009, launched a new fantasy of female and energetic scents. The Boss Orange is the very first perfume for the gentle sex from the respected Boss Orange label.

Radiating a bohemian still extremely modern aura, it features some enchanting top notes as apple, cinnamons and bergamot. The middle tones as orange flower, white peach and plum also ensure the liberating and free-spirited quality of the fragrance. Last but not least the base notes enlist ingredients as olivewood, sandalwood and finally vanilla.

This miraculous recipe is the key to a sensual and romantic scent. The company courted one of the most popular and creative figures of Hollywood with its generous offer.

Sienna Miller accepted to become the face of the fragrance, popularizing it with her boho chic style and rebellious attitude. Famous of her escapades the young actress dashingly reflects the signature atmosphere embodied by Boss Orange.

As Thomas Burkhardt, Global Marketing Director for Hugo Boss fragrances claimed :”She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate, and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve, which captures the spirit of this new fragrance perfectly”.

Hugo Boss OrangeBoss Orange

With these praise words, Sienna Miller managed to guarantee the colossal success of the advertising spot portraying her in different funny and dynamic postures. Indeed her colorful personality embodies the captivating and versatile mood of the fragrance. She also has thrilling words about Boss Orange: “The fragrance is beautiful – musky, sweet and sexy…There’s a casual yet energetic atmosphere with lots of running around and laughing – my idea of heaven.”

The aromas represent a strong personality, feminine and refined at the same time. The floral and sweet scent reveal a charismatic, honest still unpredictable character. The perfume bottle is a stylish combination of glass and metal in a suggestive orange hue.

The 7 identically shaped stones symbolize the deeper spiritual and mental states and dimensions. The designers created Boss Orange to give shape to the energy streaming all through our body.

Boss Orange is available in a variety of products Eau de Toilette 30ml/1 oz, 50ml/1,7oz, 75ml/2.5 oz, body lotion, bath and shower gel, deodorant spray, shower gel. You can have this Edenic scent already from $41.28.