Choosing the perfect fragrance is very important; however it is more important how the way wear it. There are several tricks in order to bring out the best of a scent – have them in mind when wearing your favorite fragrance.


Those with dry skin should apply their perfumes more than once a day.  Dry skin doesn’t retain fragrance as oily skin, since perfumes usually mix with oils that prevent the scent from a quick evaporation. You can also use a better moisturizer when wearing perfume.

In the cold season, apply extra perfume. The cold weather tends to reduce the strength of the scent, that’s why you should choose stronger scents or vary the amount of perfume applied considering the seasons.

Apply your favorite scent preferably after having a shower; your pores will absorb the scent immediately. You can bring the best out of a fragrance if you apply it on pulse areas as neckline or cleavage, wrists, chest, elbow areas, in your inner thighs, behind your knees and obviously your neck.

On spots where blood pumps closer to the skin, the perfume absorbs more quickly due to the warmth.

Leave your skin a few minutes to dry, don’t start dressing up immediately, you’ll only spoil the effect. A sophisticated fragrance needs about an hour to be diffused. If you bought your favorite perfume in spray form, try spraying some in the air 3-4 times and then walk through the scent cloud – this will keep the scent discreet and more natural.


While having a shower avoid using strong scented soaps or washes, these can influence the nature of the fragrance when applied.

The strong smell of you body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner can create an unpleasant mix of scents, that’s why it is hard to distinguish the original perfume. The easiest way to harmonize these aromas is to use products with similar scents or from the same brand.

Don’t exaggerate with the amount of perfume applied. After all, you want to attract people not to scare them away. Remember people around you can sense your perfume at least twice as strong as you do.

It is hard to change a fragrance when you get used to it, however it is recommended to test more perfumes in the course of a year. You can test how these react in different seasons and temperatures.

Avoid perfuming with your clothes on, specialists advise you to do this beforehand. Some types of jewelry may react to certain fragrances and can also leave stains on your clothes and jewelry.

Don’t rub your wrists together, it is a basic mistake done by the majority of people, you’ll only ‘kill’ the scent.