A dreamy world in which music and fairies help install good mood seems to have inspired designer Anna Sui to channel all her energy into creating the ultimate summer fragrance for 2012 and the result of all the hard work and efforts deposited into the creation of the new scent paid off with the development of ‘Fairy Dance’.

The cocktail of ingredients clashes to create a dreamy feel, an oh-so-flirty allure that is bound to conquer your heart for eternity as resisting the olfactory pleasure of fresh flowers, mouthwatering fruits, wood and vanilla tones will be quite challenging.

Perfect for a summer afternoon, the perfume opens up with delicious top notes of Tangerine, Mango and Pink Pepper and then takes a deep plunge into the world of flowers, bringing heart notes Peony and Bamboo as well as the smell of the designer’s favorite flower, the rose, which symbolizes beauty, innocence and purity. Balancing the sweetness of the perfume’s top and middle notes are the scents that describe the most magical forests, woody notes such as Sandalwood, Vetiver and Vanilla.

The warm and precious fragrance is featured in a luxurious, fun and flirty bottle which features a voluptuous shape bottle with three elegant soft carvings and a fairy cap that helps underline the deluxe style and inspiration that stood behind the oh-so-dreamy fragrance. The ‘fairy potions’ are already available for purchase and can be found in various sizes, from 30 to 50 and 75 ml, so give the scent a test and see if it conquers your olfactory senses!

Photos courtesy of Anna Sui