Bring out your inner seductress with the help of Agent Provocateur's fourth fragrance titled Petale Noir. The perfume will become available starting Valentine's Day 2013, so make sure you give this irresistible scent a try!

British lingerie label, Agent Provocateur, has channeled its energy to bring women a new perfume that will arouse the olfactory senses like never before, all while beginning with an innocent bouquet which gradually evolves to unveil deeper and darker notes that are perfect for the modern seductress. The Agent Provocateur Pétale Noir perfume will become the label's forth fragrance, but it promises to bring to its fans something new, a scent infused with hidden sultriness that will be quite difficult to resist.

According to Tony Bajaj, the president of Agent Provocateur's US distribution company, the upcoming Pétale Noir perfume was inspired by the movie “O” looked at from a seductress' perspective. “[She is] more subtle at first viewing, less overt, still determined to get what she wants….The tension lies between the outward expression of seeming innocence and the darker sentiments just below the surface", said Mr. Bajaj in an interview with WWD.

The perfume that is set to launch on Valentine's Day 2013 will be a gift every woman that wants to feel sexy will dream of as the intricate mix of mood-boosting ingredients seems to perfectly interpret a hybrid between the innocent and the promiscuous.

Agent Provocateur Pétale Noir Perfume 2013 Agent Provocateur Pétale Noir Perfume 2013

“The top notes of the fragrance represent this innocence (water lily, bergamot, violet leaves, hyacinth and ‘flower stem’) while the deeper, darker base notes of musk, leather, vetiver, oakmoss, tobacco leaf, patchouli, amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and labdanum represent her darker side”, said Tony Bajaj about Agent Provocateur's Pétale Noir perfume, so you can only imagine the olfactory pleasure the scent delivers.

To go along with the theme of the perfume, a transparent dusky pink-nude glass bottle was selected to display the concoction, bottle which features stylish white graphic flower prints and a black chain that holds the closure ring into place.

The fragrance that will retail from $87 to $118 depending on the oz choice will also be accompanied by a Luxury Body Elixir which will be sold separately for $53. The body lotion features aphrodisiac properties as it contains a mix of ingredients such as Devil’s Eyelashes and tephrosia purpurea which only amp-up the opulent scent so you can be simply irresistible while wearing it!

Agent Provocateur Pétale Noir Perfume 2013 Agent Provocateur Pétale Noir Perfume 2013