Do you pay special attention to what guys usually find attractive? Then be sure to read through this brief list of the 5 fragrances that turn men off. Numerous studies demonstrated that the scent we choose can have an impact on the relationship with the opposite sex. Guys love to identify their girlfriend and girls in general with a unique and signature fragrance. Therefore, it is important to find out more about their preferences for different perfumes and which are the aromas they consider disturbing and unpleasant.

1. Citrus Fruits

Do you think that revitalizing and fresh citrus aromas make a smashing impression on guys? You’re wrong! According to studies and researches men find these aromas pretty boring and too girly. If you want to cast a magic spell on your cutie, skip the use of perfumes which include sweet grapefruit, lemon, orange or kiwi scents.

2. Rose

Numerous researches proved that the scent of a rose is considered one of the no-no aromas for guys. Floral scents might seem refreshing and romantic, however, the majority of men considers them too classy and plain.

If you still want to stick to fragrances which include floral elements, make sure you opt for the ones which work with flowers of the field, orchid or freesia scents.

3. Chocolate

Though it is one of the favorite sweet treats of millions of men, chocolate aromas are considered pretty unpleasant by gents in general.

According to recent studies, the scents which imitate the smell of delicious desserts are considered a bit too much for the majority of guys. Sweet perfumes should be selected with great care. However, one of the sweet aromas which sets itself apart from the rest is vanilla. Apparently, men consider this scent simply mesmerizing.

4. Honeydew

This is also one of the sweetest aromas used in the composition of first rate perfumes. However, it seems that guys just can’t get used to candy scents which get stuck in your nose for a long time. Ease your job and attract more men by sporting fragrances which can be easily identified by the brain and you’ll have amazing success among guys who have a refined taste for sweet sensory delights.

5. Too Much Sandalwood and Amber

Some guys are fond of oriental perfumes, however, the fragrance should be extremely flirty and sensual instead of super-strong. Too much sandalwood and amber can ruin the effect of these alluring scents. Therefore, look for perfumes which lack these elements or have only subtle notes of these herbs.

Fragrances That Turn Men Off

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