Are you sure you know the biggest causes of wrinkles? Discover some of the most important wrinkle myths and facts, so you’ll be prepared to prevent and fight wrinkles for as long as possible.

Top Myths About Wrinkles

One of the biggest wrinkle myths is that women with oily skin get less of them. That’s simply not true, but the real fact behind this myth is that wrinkles are more noticeable on dry skin that doesn’t get the proper hydration. A similar approach to wrinkle myths and facts says that drinking plenty of water will help you fight wrinkles, but again, that’s not completely true. Staying hydrated is very important for your entire body and skin, but it can’t actually fight off signs of aging.

While genes can play a big part in the way you age, some myths about wrinkles argue that you’ll age the same way as your mother. Taking care of your skin the right way is more important than “good genes”, according to dermatologists, so make sure you use sunscreen and take off your makeup every night to prevent wrinkles.

Wrinkle myths and facts also include exercise. Some women think that regular exercise can cause wrinkles, when it fact it can help prevent them in the long run by keeping your facial muscles toned and improving your blood circulation.

Protecting Skin To Prevent Wrinkles

Biggest Causes of Wrinkles

Sun exposure remains the biggest accelerator in the aging process, so remember to wear sun screen every day. You’ll still get them eventually, but UV radiation can wreak havoc on your skin being one of the biggest causes of wrinkles that appear prematurely.

Smoking is another huge cause of wrinkles, and you should give it up if you haven’t. Even trickier are facial muscle contractions. Try to squint less and wear sunglasses or the right prescription glasses to avoid working your facial muscles too often.

One of the biggest wrinkle myths, that your pillow can cause them, is actually true. Try to sleep on your back or purchase an anti-wrinkle pillow or pillow case.

Myths About Aging

Along with the most popular myths about wrinkles, there are other misconceptions which can lead you to bad choices. If you paid attention to the wrinkle myths and facts, you know genes can only get you so far, but a healthy lifestyle is actually more important in the long run if living a longer, fuller life is important to you.

Another one of the silly myths about aging is that everybody suffers from arthritis, osteoporosis or other diseases that restrict your movement and prevent you from working out. Stay in shape with exercise even when you get old, because keeping active, both physically and mentally, is the best way to extend your life.

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