With the arrival of the summer the beach is flooded with people who would like to immortalize the season with their worth-admiring sun-kissed tan. However it seems that the majority of them would leave the shore with a severe sunburn. Those who would like to still have fun and complement their natural skin tone with a charming tan should consider some of the wise sun tanning tips.

These include some of the most important professional recommendations of specialists who just can’t emphasize enough the importance of sun protection especially during the warm months. The use of sunscreen is only the first step towards success therefore complete your summer skin care kit with the most important products and lotions that would build up the shield for a spotless sun tanning. Consider some of the ideas below to be prepared for the wise tanning season.

UV Resistance

It might seem obvious that in order to tan rather than burn it is important to appeal to the regular use of sunscreen and skin lotions that have a high SPF factor. However it is also important to adjust sun tanning to our own unique organism and complexion.

Therefore the first step is to test your UV resistance, meaning, that you have to know which is the ideal time to repeat the application of the sun lotion before exposing your skin to the dangerous rays.

In general the majority of people with a fair skin tone would have the chance to stay in the sun for no more than 5-8 minutes before burning. The second category would include the ones who have a darker skin tone tending towards olive. In this case they might be able to endure the sun for 10-15 minute minutes.

Those who have black and dark complexion shade will be able to stay in the sun for the longest period of time without damages, 20-30 minutes. Consider which group you belong to before purchasing a sun lotion.

SPF Lotion

Before you would be ready to head to the beach it is important to visit a specialized store and get hold of the most important summer skin care products. Besides the most important factor of being waterproof it is important to calculate the ideal SPF lotion for your skin. As simple as that multiply the time for tanning with the level of the sun screen and this is the number that should offer you the period you can spend in the sun without burning.

Therefore those who want to guarantee the flawless tanning ritual should choose the best formula for protection. Make sure you cover all the sensitive areas with a thick layers of sun lotion. The elbows, nose, ears as well as knees are only some of the most delicate areas that can suffer from careless sunbathing.


It might seem important to prepare the skin for an indoors tanning session. However it is just as essential to be prepared also for a natural tanning ritual.

Dead skin cells might accumulate in the earlier mentioned spots which can lead to weakening of the sun lotion which leads to burning.Moreover these factors can also ruin your uniform tan and create darker colored patches on the skin.

You don’t want that to happen, therefore make sure you exfoliate the body at least 2 days before tanning. Also it is important to skip moisturizing 2 hours before sunbathing, instead make sure you nourish your skin in the earlier hours and days. Some of the basic moisturizers can ruin the efficiency of sun lotions.

Sun Lotion Application

It is one of the common mistakes to apply the sunscreen while sunbathing. In fact the time for safe tanning might easily pass until you cover all the sensitive areas. Instead make sure you apply the first coat of sun lotion indoors. This will allow the pores to absorb the lotion and build up the necessary shield for further tanning. This is indeed important, however make sure you use a formula that won’t stain or damage your cover-up or bathing suit.

It is also vital to have the lotion applied with regularity after the time for the guarantees safe sunbathing is up. Don’t forget the importance of this step, moreover those who pair the tanning with swimming should apply the sunscreen each time they get out of the water as it can spoil the protective effect of the sun lotion. Make sure you keep in mind the indicated time.