It is a well-known fact that during winter time it can get harder to care for your skin. This is because the weather gets very cold. Although gloves and comfy scarves can help when it comes to winter skin care, this still does not seem to be enough for women’s sensitive skin. This is why you should also try other remedies for taking care of your dry skin in winter.

First of all, you should change your makeup remover for a gentle, moisturizing formula. Although you might have one that works perfectly for you during the rest of the year, winter is a tricky time when your usual cleanser will just strip the moisture away from your skin and dry it out. This is why it is recommended to use a rich, milky makeup remover that will also nourish your skin.

In addition, in the winter you should also start using richer facials, store-bought or homemade ones. Body lotions are also highly recommended, as long as you use them right after taking a shower, as this way they can lock extra moisture into the skin.

In order to protect your skin from the cold outside, you should also avoid taking hot showers, as these can dry out your skin even more. Warm showers are more recommended, followed by a towel-patting of the skin. Besides avoiding hot showers, you should also remember to skip skin products with high alcoholic content, as these can strip the moisture away from the skin. Alcohol-free products are more recommended. Furthermore, do not forget about your lips that always seem to suffer more during wintertime. In order to protect them, use a lip balm with germ-fighting formula (especially in flu season!) and a SPF of at least 15. The products containing tea tree oil are the most recommended ones.

Lastly, make sure not to ignore the itchy skin in winter, of which all women suffer. This problem can be solved by using skin products with mineral oils, Shea butter, glycerin or tea tree oil. In order to obtain an intense relief, you can moisturize your hands and also your feet before going to sleep and put on socks and gloves for a while in order to lock the moisture in.

Winter Skin Care Tips