Even when you think you’re taking care of yourself the right way in cold weather, you might be falling for one of the most common winter skin care myths. Make sure your skin is getting the care it needs and find out why some beauty myths are bad for your skin.

From your choice of moisturizer to the right time to get beauty treatments during the colder months, find out which winter skin care myths are simply wrong and can even have a negative effect on your skin.

You Need the Thickest Moisturizer You Can Find

Even in the winter, thick doesn’t mean good when it comes to cold weather moisturizers. The best choice when it comes to keeping your skin glowing in cold weather is a ceramide-based moisturizer. Find out that’s suited to your skin type and you’ll get a lot more moisture without the unwanted irritation caused by some thicker creams.

Sunscreen Is Useless in Overcast Winter Days

Few people get sunburn in the winter, but that doesn’t mean their skin is protected. Ultra-violet rays come in two varieties and the most dangerous ones, UVA, are just as strong in winter. They won’t cause noticeable redness on your skin, but they do increase the risk of skin cancer, so skipping the sunscreen is one of the winter skin care myths you need to put behind you.

Skin Care Rules For Winter

Moisturizer Should Be Applied Quickly After a Shower or Bath

Popular wisdom says moisturizer needs to go on your skin as quickly as possible after stepping out of the shower, but studies have shown that moisture retention can work just as well even on dry skin. Don’t keep putting off the moisturizer just because you don’t have time to shower, your skin will thank you for the extra care.

Lip Balm Can Get Addictive

Hallway between truth and unsubstantiated myth, lip balm is a must in winter, but why does it get a bad rep? It’s one of the biggest winter skin care myths that once you start using lip balm you can’t stop. The truth is that camphor is the ingredient that dries lips faster than usual so get a camphor-free balm and keep your lips hydrated.

You Can Skip the Winter Moisturizer If You Have Oily Skin

All types of skin can use extra moisture during the winter, since cold air dries the skin outdoors and indoor heating also reduces air moisture. Stick to a light moisturizer with a formula for oily skin and you you can say goodbye to any dry patches. Another plus is that your skin will feel and look better by spring.

Exfoliation Isn’t Necessary in Winter

You shouldn’t abandon exfoliation, just because it can have a light drying effect on your skin. Without it, your skin can easily get irritated under heavy winter clothing. You might need to pay extra attention to your skin right after, to deeply moisturize any dry patches but otherwise, saying no to exfoliation is just one of the worst winter skin care myths.

You Can Wash Your Face Less Frequently in Winter

Just because you’re spending less time outdoors and don’t really sweat doesn’t mean that your skin is clean and you can skip washing it. Even on makeup-free winter days, you should always thoroughly wash your face before bedtime to keep your pores clean.

Rosy Cheeks Are Acceptable

The cold air may get your blood pumping, but rosy cheeks are a sign of windburn, which is bad for your skin. One of the winter skin care myths that’s becoming less common, the “healthy” look of windburn should be prevented and treated with plenty of moisturizer, since it can even lead to rosacea in some cases.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Should Be a Time of Rest for Your Skin

Cutting back on treatments for your skin isn’t really advisable in the colder months. Winter is actually the best time to start any hair laser removal treatment, since your skin should be protected from the sun during the gaps between sessions. Pamper yourself with a deep moisturizing treatment at the spa as well.

Cold Temperatures Cause Skin to Feel Tight

When your skin feels tight outdoors, it’s not because of the cold, it’s because of extreme dryness. Moisturize every time you feel your skin getting tight and you’ll be avoiding one of the worst winter skin care myths.

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