Lips are one of the most sensuous parts of your body – so they need special care. The fact that you’re using lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss galore, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re covered and can’t get dry, chapped lips.

Dry lips can be caused by a number of factors: chemicals from makeup products, being for a long time in a dry and cold environment, eating very salty dishes, overexposure to the sun or even kissing outside in a windy weather.

Why do Lips Chap and Peel

Cinnamon, an ingredient that is frequently used in lip plumping products, can set up an allergic reaction and irritations. Instead, get a flavor free, clear lip gloss that will make your lips shiny and plump without causing irritations and chapped lips.

Avoid flavored lip balm – which may tempt you to lick your lips even more.

People tend to lick and bite their lips more often when under pressure and these can cause dry, chapped lips, as the evaporation of the water in saliva saps moisture from them.

If you’re stressed and notice yourself doing it, try to break this habit and chew on some gum instead.

You might think you’ll get rid of the dry skin from your lips, but scrubbing them with your regular face scrub can reduce the natural moisture retention capacity of your lips.

Cause of Chapped Dry Lips

Opt for lip balms made with shea butter, instead of the petroleum jelly based ones. Shea butter is well known for its moisturizing and high healing abilities and it’s wonderful for revitalizing skin cells so that they get back their moisture retention capacity. Petroleum jelly isn’t absorbed by the skin and provides only a short-term fix for dry lips.

Recommended products

Carmex Click Stick Lip Moisture with SPF 15 ($16.79) helps to prevent drying of lip tissue. Alba Botanica Un Petroleum Vanilla Lip Balm ($1.75) natural organic lip care that contains vitamin E to heal, smoothen and protect you lips. Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub by Philosophy ($15.00) is ideal for anyone with dry, flaky lips that seeks smoothness and moisture.